Canada welcomes immigrants from all over the world and is a very multicultural country. Canadian immigration has provided with a vast number and variety of programs to help people across the world to realize their dream to immigrate to one of the world’s best countries. We, at FICS help this dream come true with a very honest and detailed approach by helping candidates choose what best suits their needs.

  • Provincial Nominee Program Canada

    • Immigrate

    Federal Skilled Worker: In order to qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the candidate must have:

    • One year of continuous work experience in an occupation that falls under codes 0, A or B of the NOC.
    • Minimum level 7 of English or French in the Canadian Bench Mark among other requirements and meet the point system... Read More ►
  • Provincial Nominee Program Canada

    • Visit

    At FICS, we can help you come to Canada as a tourist or visit your family and friends. We help you file the Temporary Resident Visa application and gather the supporting documents... Read More ►

  • Provincial Nominee Program Canada

    • Study

    Canadian institutes are world-class when it comes to the quality of education. Canadian universities and colleges accommodate international students and welcome them from different parts of the world. The first step to obtaining a study permit to Canada is to find the right school which is a Designated Learning Institute approved by the government..Read More ►

  • Provincial Nominee Program Canada

    • Work

    The Canadian job market is reserved for Canadian Citizens and permanent residents. However, when there is a shortage of certain skill sets or qualifications needed for a specific job, a Canadian employer can go through a process of approval from HSDC (LMIA) to hire a foreign worker on a temporary work permit... Read More ►

  • Provincial Nominee Program Canada

    • Sponsor

    Canadian Immigration believes in Family reunification and there are many programs that speak and stand by their objective to reunite families. Family class sponsorship allows permanent residents to sponsor their family members to Canada...Read More ►

  • Provincial Nominee Program Canada

    • Other Services

    At FICS, we provide many other services to help you settle in Canada. We provide assistance with the following:

    1. Citizenship Application
    2. Citizenship Test preparation
    3. PR Card Renewal... Read More ►