Common Mistakes People Make When Applying To Immigrate To Canada

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Canada is increasingly seen as one of the few developed countries that encourage immigration with multiple entry programs and routes to even permanent citizenship. However, while Canadian immigration is a dream for thousands worldwide, not many know how to achieve their goal and need professional help.

A Canadian immigration consultancy is a firm that helps people emigrate from their country to Canada through legal and documentation processes to increase the chances of immigration for study, work, travel, or business purposes. Seeking an immigration consultant's guidance and assistance also guarantees you don't make avoidable mistakes like missing deadlines for submission or wasting your time applying without knowing the exact eligibility requirements.

To help you negate basic errors that could prove costly, Flair Immigration And Citizenship Services Inc has put together a list of common mistakes people make when applying to immigrate to Canada.

1. Submitting incomplete or wrongly filled forms
Probably the most common mistake we see in our consultancy is individuals submitting incomplete or wrongly filled forms. This is often done entirely by mistake. For example, filling out your identification number where you should have written your banking information, or even forgetting to sign in the correct space, leaves your complete application vulnerable to being returned by the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council).

2. Not disclosing information or misrepresentation
Successful immigration to Canada from anywhere in the world requires you to divulge specific details about yourself and your situation. In the event you do not provide the right information or leave out parts, thinking them to be irrelevant, the Canadian authorities can call for an investigation based on misrepresentation leading to delays, refusal of entry and even a ban on applying in the future. Remember always to be truthful about work experience, criminal convictions and your recent travel history to avoid situations that can damage your chances of immigrating.

3. Seeking assistance from inexperienced individuals
While your family and friends no doubt have your best interests at heart, they are the wrong people to ask for advice when it comes to the Canadian immigration process. The thing is that even if they successfully immigrated, immigration laws and guidelines are continually changing due to the morphing global picture, making their advice irrelevant and sometimes damaging. Accepting assistance with your immigration application from anyone other than a professional immigration consultant or lawyer leads to missing details and making mistakes that can have dire implications.

To avoid these and other mistakes, reach out to the immigration expert at Flair Immigration And Citizenship Services Inc. I founded this company with a vision to help with the Canadian dream that many individuals have. I provide a very detail-oriented and customer-focused approach to the temporary and permanent immigration needs of clients. I deliver work visas, study visas, family sponsorship, provincial nominee program, visitor visas, and permanent residence. I provide immigration services to clients in Woodbridge, Vaughan, Brampton, Bolton, Caledon, Toronto, the GTA, and across Canada.

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